Since my last blog I have had a few months of training and rehab where I started to build up the workload and attempted to do a little bit of basic tumbling on the fast track to see how the ankle would cope, alongside a lot of bars! I competed on bars at the first European trial held at lilleshall a few weeks ago without a full dismount, but my ankle wasn't coping very well, as it was still very painful and swelling.

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog page! 

I am excited that it is the beginning of 2017. Last year was quite a tough year, I struggled with a few injuries, which was the first time I'd had any major injuries that kept me out of training for a while. At the beginning of the year I had a stress fracture in my back (L5 pars) which meant I had to stop any training which included impact and extension through my back until early march, which meant me missing a few of the competitions at the beginning of the year. I then began getting my routines back as quickly as I could for the rest of the competitions and trials, and was named one of the reserves for the Olympic team.

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