Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, welcome to my blog page! 

I am excited that it is the beginning of 2017. Last year was quite a tough year, I struggled with a few injuries, which was the first time I'd had any major injuries that kept me out of training for a while. At the beginning of the year I had a stress fracture in my back (L5 pars) which meant I had to stop any training which included impact and extension through my back until early march, which meant me missing a few of the competitions at the beginning of the year. I then began getting my routines back as quickly as I could for the rest of the competitions and trials, and was named one of the reserves for the Olympic team.

During the summer I concentrated on getting my back really strong and was ready to compete again in October, which was my first competition back since trials. The competition went well and I won the all around competition on the first day. Then on the last apparatus final on the second day of competition I took a bad landing on a tumble and ended up badly damaging the deltoid ligament in my ankle, which I am still recovering from now. I have been having a few injections to try and speed up the healing process of this, with my last one being just a few days ago. It has been a frustarating few months and although i am still not allowed to put any impact through it, I am hoping to be able to start working on it again soon.
We had our first Great Britain training camp at the end of January where we had a lot of screening and fitness testing ready for the new year. It was so good to have everyone back together again after so long!

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