Since my last blog I have had a few months of training and rehab where I started to build up the workload and attempted to do a little bit of basic tumbling on the fast track to see how the ankle would cope, alongside a lot of bars! I competed on bars at the first European trial held at lilleshall a few weeks ago without a full dismount, but my ankle wasn't coping very well, as it was still very painful and swelling.


Last Monday I went to London to have an arthroscopy surgery on my ankle. For this they had to remove the inflamed scar tissue that had built up since the injury, remove two accessory tendons and shave some of the bone away. Although it has been a long time since the injury first happened, I'm very relieved to have had the operation now and be on the mend! I am on crutches for two weeks until I have the stitches taken out. I'm not sure of the exact recovery time yet but i will be working hard with my coaches and the physio's to be back as soon as I can be for the second half of the year!


I would just like to thank everyone who has helped me during this time, and thank you to everyone on twitter and Instagram for all the lovely messages.


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